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Monthly Archives: August 2008

All hail Labor Day

I guess it’s sort of redundant for me to announce that I survived this week…I’m posting so that means I made it… On the other hand, I’m absolutely thrilled to have no classes on Monday…I need that extra day to recover some sleep.  I came to VLS straight from undergrad and I was in the habit […]

Surviving the first week

I have spent the last month becoming more terrified each day of my first week of law school.  I have gone through bouts of crying, screaming, and depression (special thanks to my husband for dealing with this!) all due to the anxiety I felt because of this first week.  Now that it is Friday, and […]

The first week of law school …

I’m a new 1L here at VLS, and I have to say first that I absolutely love being in Vermont. I’m originally from western Illinois, so the mountains are a new thing for me. The scenery here is just amazing, and the White River, which runs by campus, is fabulous. I realize that I’ll probably […]

I Survived!

After years of hearing horror stories about ego crushing, soul vacuuming law professors, I approached my first day of law school classes with an amount of dread that should only be reserved for the apocalypse. But, you know what? I totally survived! And I didn’t cry or anything! All my professors seem wonderful. They challenge […]