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Surviving the first week

I have spent the last month becoming more terrified each day of my first week of law school.  I have gone through bouts of crying, screaming, and depression (special thanks to my husband for dealing with this!) all due to the anxiety I felt because of this first week.  Now that it is Friday, and my last class is done, I don’t know what the big deal was.

Yes, this week had its moments.  Some of the professors are intimidating and studying time does take up a significant chunk of each day.  However, I already feel more confident about what information I need to bring to each class, and I am already feeling more comfortable briefing cases.

I love that Vermont Law is such a small campus, it feels like a community to me already.  Orientation introduced me to many of the people who I spend each day in class with.  And, Vermont provides many opportunities to get away from studying.  Tubing, drive-ins, barbeques, etc… all allow the students to forget about the law for some time and just relax and enjoy each others company.  Nevertheless, the fun does have to come to an end sooner then we hope, because when we signed up for law school, we acknowledged that the next three years would be hard work. 

My goal for the next year is to feel the same way I do today.  Rather than looking back at the miserable points of the week or stressing about the homework I have for the weekend, every Friday, I want to be proud that I lasted another week of law school, and look back at my accomplishments.


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