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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Fall is just beginning…

This weekend was the first chance I’ve had to get out of SoRo and see the beginnings of the fall landscape. While fall isn’t fully upon us yet, about a third of the trees are showing off their colors. It is amazing to see the mountains partially green, and partially a riot of oranges and […]

So soon…?

We’ve been here for a month…a month…I feel like we’ve been here for years…and apparently they do everything in fast forward in law school because we’re already being prompted to sign up for BarBri(a prep course for the Bar)…we’re on to week five and they want us to plan for 3 years away…it seems crazy…but for […]

What a Week

This week was incredibly overwhelming in so many aspects.  First, we were introduced to “outlining” -a study aid foreign to me until now.  However, I think that outlining will be useful and it will definitely help me see the areas I am weak in and will make it easier to study with my classmates. Then, […]

Oral Arguments

Well Tuesday is over and that’s a sigh of relief…if you remember, I was anxious about the possibility of being chosen to present an oral argument for my con law class.  I got my wish and I wasn’t chosen.  However, after all was said and done, I’m thinking to myself how I wished I could […]

Emotional Bankruptcy

It’s been almost one month since the start of my judicial externship. I’ve had an interesting time adjusting to the rules, habits and practices. There are many things to do. The only way to manage it all is to break up the mass of judicial processes into discrete universes. The rules are exhaustive, but they stave off […]

Horses, Giant Vegetables, and Delicious Food

I was just starting to feel a twinge of homesickness last week. Just a twinge. But last weekend fixed it. Per recommendations from a few professors and several students, I visited the Tunbridge World’s Fair. Tunbridge is a quick drive east of South Royalton, and apparently every September, they host the country’s longest running fair. […]


Crossing off items on a list is quite a cathartic feeling.  And every Friday my weekly to-do list…reading, review sessions, town events, writing assignments…looks some much better all crossed off…But it’s Friday afternoon now and I’ve just rewritten the list to see what I have going on for next week.  And I must say, it’s […]

Midterms … already?

It is early in the semester – only week four – but my classes are already starting to talk about midterms. Yes, there are midterms in law school; we don’t just have one big, scary final at the end of the year like you see in movies. There is one qualification though, about half my […]


As you can tell I’m very excited about the weekend. I’ve been dragging this week – I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting sick or if it’s just that four weeks of class is starting to slow my processors. Either way, it’s Friday, and after I go to yoga and Contracts and Torts, I’m […]

End of the 4th week already?

I just had to ask my roommate what week of school this is.  Each day goes by so slowly but the weeks as a whole are going by pretty quickly.  It’ll be time to start outlining for midterms next week and soon after that time to really start studying.  It’s already gotten kind of chilly […]