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The first time I’ve lived outside Durango, Colorado!

Hi! I want to start my first blog off with some background information about how I ended up at Vermont Law School. I was born and raised in Durango, Colorado. After graduating from high school, I stayed in my hometown to attend Fort Lewis College. I graduated from Fort Lewis in August of 2007. For the next year, I worked a little, traveled a little, and applied to law school. I was very fortunate to receive offers of admission to University of Colorado, Lewis and Clark, and Vermont Law School. I was also put on a waiting list for George Washington University. After I had all these options available to me, I realized I had to do some real thinking about where I wanted to go.

 When I first applied to law school, I had big plans about going to a big city, like Washington D.C. or New York City. Now that I am here in Vermont, I am very glad that I didn’t get admitted to Columbia and that I decided to pull myself off the George Washington wait list. For one, my first experience when I came to visit Vermont was fantastic. Everyone was supportive, helpful, and friendly. The Admissions Office planned a full morning for me to tour the school and meet with faculty. I didn’t get that friendly vibe at other larger school that I won’t name. (But I will say University of Colorado was also very friendly and helpful!) Now that I am here, I realize I couldn’t have chosen a better place, even though it meant leaving my beautiful home state of Colorado.

Durango is a relatively small community, but it feels even smaller than it is. For me, fitting right in here in Vermont has come naturally. Moving across the country when I have never even lived outside Durango, Colorado was certainly a big move, but it hasn’t been traumatic like I thought it was going to be. Vermont just feels like home enough that I don’t miss it yet!

 Until next time, Molly Watson


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