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End of the 4th week already?

I just had to ask my roommate what week of school this is.  Each day goes by so slowly but the weeks as a whole are going by pretty quickly.  It’ll be time to start outlining for midterms next week and soon after that time to really start studying.  It’s already gotten kind of chilly here in SoRo….we’re supposed to get our first frost tonight (!!!).  I’m one of the people who really is afraid of the winter. Everyone says take up a winter sport and you’ll make it through ok…so my new winter sport is Wii tennis 😉  Wii tennis has become the outlet for my frustration with classes and life in general so you’d think I’d be much better at it…but I’m not.  As for classes…I really love my professors this year but it’s been kind of hard getting adjusted to having such large classes with all new people.  I haven’t gotten to know anyone in my section yet besides the other MSELs I already knew.  I’m not too worried because I didn’t really get to know the other MSELs (or anyone else) until the end of October last year.  I haven’t had time to participate in any big social activities because I’ve been out of town for a few weekends.  I’m heading to Toronto on Saturday morning in fact.  Is it the time of year for weddings or is it just the time of life for weddings?

They still haven’t added the new categories for the JDs this year so I’m still waiting for that…

-Sahiti Karempudi


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