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MELP Transition to JD

This is my first post since this summer.  I was here at VLS last year as a MELP student and transitioned into the JD program in the fall.  I found that making this transition was quite easy for the most part. 

During Orientation, even though I had attended most of the sessions, I went to everything just to get to know my new classmates.  I think this helped with the transition and for the new 1Ls to understand what a MELP is, what the program is all about, and why I continued as a JD.  I think some 1Ls I met were intimidated by the fact that I had taken 2L and 3L classes already and knew so much, and I think they felt behind compared to where I was at.  However, I reassured them that they would catch on quite quickly, and that the professors would build up our “lawyering” skills with each class period. 

Getting back into classes was easy since I had taken summer classes, but I also took a break right before Orientation so it helped with clearing my mind for another year of learning the law.  My professors are amazing.  I have Firestone for Contracts, Stephens for Civil Procedure, Latham for Torts, and Kujovich for Constitutional Law.  They are great at using the Socratic method in teaching us law.  They are very knowledgeable about all of the topics they teach, and it shows through in their teaching by the continual involvement present within each of their classes by the students.  Even though students may be nervous answering the first few times, after awhile everyone settles down and has a good time participating.  I would recommend sitting in on one of these classes if you are thinking about visiting VLS. 

We are now about half way into the semester with Fall Break this weekend.  I don’t have any midterms, but I will be preparing my outlines for final exams.  I will also be using the break to refine my MELP resume into use for JD summer internships and to search for internships in the areas of law that I am interested in.  Overall, my transition from MELP to JD has been smooth. With finals and internships looming in the future, I will be stepping up the pace quite a bit to make sure I do well in my classes and to insure that I find an internship that fits my wants and needs.


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