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Feeling pretty good…

I’m a bit concerned right now because quite frankly I feel prepared for my three midterms this week.  I gave up on outlining because I decided that will never work for me.  I’ve always been a notecards kind of girl so I decided to stick with that method since it’s worked for me in the past.  Hopefully it pays off.  Can’t wait until Friday…

On another note, here’s a tip…Wednesday nights at the food coop in SoRo, there is fresh sushi.  And it is phenomenal.  Last Wednesday I got one with smoked salmon, avocado, and fried tofu.  I also got one with fried sweet potato, carrot, and avocado.  The guy who makes the sushi is awesome.  He smokes the fish himself and he pickles his own ginger to put with the tofu.  It’s highly recommended.


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