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First Semester Finals Already?

The bookstore sent an email around with a how-to on selling back our books.  Professors are already beginning to schedule review sessions for finals.  That seems just plain ridiculous to me.  Sometimes I feel like I’m still in the first week of law school.  Then again, the majority of the time, I feel like I’ve been here for months. 

I’m packing up for the weekend to head to New Jersey for a wedding.  That means this weekend’s a bust studywise.  The next weekend I’ll be finishing up my final draft of my open memo for legal writing.  Followed by a weekend for Thanksgiving.  Then it’s one full week of classes before exams starts.  Crazy.

One thing I’ve been contemplating is whether or not I will type my exams or handwrite them.  All my midterms had to be written.  But I have the option of typing all of my final exams.  At first I was pysched about typing: it’s faster and causes less hand cramping.  But I didn’t feel rushed on any of my midterms that I had to write.  And I am petrified that my computer would crash mid-exam.  I don’t think I could mentally recover from that if it ever happened to me.  So as of late, I’m leaning toward the good ol’ pen to paper method.  We’ll see if it pans out…


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