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that’s what he said

Words are powerful vehicles. They transport ideas from the imagination to a universe of interpretation.  Words approximate the largeness of experience and make the grand, scale-able.  Language families are like frequencies for the energy bound up in words.  Entrenched consonants and vowels make, break, and remake the mind. They push the invisible into being.

To understand the power of words is to put a lasso on the great beyond, to marshal some measure of perspective and create reality. Women and men have created entire worlds of thought, ignited movements and in so doing have driven men to act, with words.

This election year has been one of expansive communication, mutual understanding and virulent disagreement. It has been a banner year for words.  Contests were won and lost with syntax, style, and coded language. The man of action has been integrated with his brother through rhetoric. Words have closed the gap and opened the mind.  Millions of bits of text launched an assault on unacceptable and pervasive ignorance in America. The body politic was resuscitated.

Holiday break means free time.  Freedom from the constant assessment of third year student status. I eat Tofurkey, scratch that, Quorn and enjoy a tiny slice of the life I led before law school.  Film, food and friends abound. Today, I watched an encore presentation of a Henry Rollins, talking tour performance on the Indie Film Channel.  His voice, presence, words and energy combined to tear down walls constructed for cultural, emotional and physical warfare.  I found myself engaged because the message was paired with imagery, and laced with information.  That burning, earnest, storyteller used his command of intangible principles fashioned together with words to make a case for change. He’s a firestarter, no doubt and one may never know how many revolutions were started with less.

I wonder what revelation will come from three consecutive days of free time.



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