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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Maybe the rule on that sign was just a suggestion…

Today the Washington Post reported that a new regulation will prohibit smoking within 25 feet of federal building entrances, taking effect in six months (source).  My first inclination upon reading this was to think “good!” but this was soon followed by cynicism over how well the rule would be respected or enforced. I worked in […]

Christmas Break

Overall, I think my first semester as a 1L went quite well.  Since I was an MELP last year, I knew how important it was to start my summer job search early.  So I started my search actually in July, but I didn’t start applying places until the beginning of December.  It actually paid off!  […]

I used to be smart. Then I came to law school.

I find some morbid satisfaction in knowing I’m not the only one who received an unpleasantly surprising grade in Contracts.  Since there were others, I can tell myself that maybe the problem wasn’t with all of us. After all, we were good students before we came to law school.  Even last year, in the master’s program […]

Spring Assignments

Spring assignments are trickling in.  I actually got a headstart on buying my books yesterday so I didn’t have to deal with the rush after coming back from break.  But I can’t even imagine doing more work during break.  But it seems I might just have to dabble in the law.  My con law professor […]


I’m done.  I can’t even believe that I’m finished my first semester.  It really flew by.  I’m too tired to even move from the couch…I’ve been here since my final ended at 1.  I plan to go home tomorrow as long as whether permits.  I can’t wait…

About to go into Evidence Exam

I’m super confident about this upcoming exam.  I’ve paid attention, I’ve kept good notes, I’ve listened in class.  I’m prepared.  This semester has been challenging in some ways… 17 credits is the maximum I could take… but I really just think that I looked carefully at my class choices, my professors, and I came out […]

No Electricity

As if I wasn’t stressed out enough about finals…we finally got our power back after two entire days and nights without electricity.  I was not a happy person.  Studying by candle light will never be my favorite pasttime.  We lost alot of our food even though we put most of it outside on our balcony.  […]

First exam

My first exam (contracts) starts in less than 90 minutes.  I’m resisting the urge to cram and trying to just stay calm.  At first I thought it was great that my exam wasn’t until 2pm but now I’m just waiting around for it to start.  I prepared as much as a possibly could so now […]

The Stress is Mounting…

In fact, it is almost palpable. I spent the weekend working diligently, but also taking a big chunk of time to relax/sleep/enjoy life. I developed a plan of attack for finals, and I feel relatively unstressed. That is, I did until I went back to campus today for a review class (though this was not […]

I’m back … and prepping for finals

I haven’t posted anything since around midterms. I think I have been lost in my books and legal writing memos and a few activities since then. Suffice it to say I have been busy for the last several weeks. I have to admit, though, that I am sorry classes are over. And no, it is […]