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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Internship Search

It’s finally completed!  Being a Masters student last year, I learned from 2Ls and 3Ls that you need to start researching, applying and interviewing early to get the internship that you really want especially if you are a 1L.  I refined my resume, cover letter and writing sample (memo I used from my Masters coursework) […]

Environmental Law Course

I had my first legal writing II assignment due on Feb. 4th, and it was written as a law review note, 6-8 pages, with a topic on state constitutional law.  I wrote my paper on Michigan’s marriage amendment and its affects on the public employer health-insurance benefits for domestic partners.  I thought this assignment was […]

What happened to winter?

The last few days it’s been warm (read: above freezing) and melty and muddy.  And warm!  Yes, I mentioned that already, but it bears repeating.  I feel like a tool wandering around in a winter coat.  I wear it not because it’s cold, which it’s not, but because it’s February.  It’s early February in Vermont.  […]

Law Prom

Last night VLS showed off its student body(ies) at the annual Barrister’s Ball. In the early evening I hopped on a bus with a group of friends and we headed up to Montpelier (the only state capital without a McDonald’s!) for drinks, dinner and dancing. Everyone looked snazzy in their finest evening wear. It was […]


I am law student 2.5.  I live on the edge of the future, rushing deeply into every day coursework, classes, and tradition because it is the end of this thing and the start of another–life.  Good bye Wynterfoest games, hello bar exam application!  This semester, I am taking a mixed bag of courses and practicum.  […]