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Monthly Archives: March 2009

law school v. march madness

This is going to be quite difficult.  I love sports, and I especially love college basketball in march.  Every year my friends from home and some from college fill out a bracket and see who can come out on top.  Unlike most groups, we do not do ours for money, only for pride and bragging […]

Last day of spring break…

…Sigh. It wasn’t nearly long enough. This year is like driving up a long, steep, icy driveway in a cheap car without snow tires. I started off at full speed but am losing steam every day. I just hope I have enough momentum to reach May 7! Fortunately, that is not so far away. The […]

OK – I just found this in one of my folders on my desktop and I thought I’d share.  I cannot believe that I actually submitted this to law schools – but I did and now I can look back and laugh.  Below is my personal statement – the only document you will need to […]

“spring” break blues

Yep.   So I definitely suggest going somewhere other than South Royalton for spring break.  Early March in Vermont – not so much like spring or fall,  and it’s definitely not like summer.  Winter.  Definitely still winter.  Although slightly sunnier and more…melty.  I really wanted to be uber-productive this break and write a paper, read everything […]


My plans over break were to practice snowboarding up at Stowe, but plans always change.  The weather decided to warm up to the mid 40s and melt half the snow so snowboarding wasn’t the ideal choice.  Instead of playing in the snow like I hoped for, I was very productive and studious.  I’ve been confirming summer […]

First post this semester…

Yes, this is actually my first post this entire semester.  Pretty sad stuff really.  Well, now that I have neglected my duty of blogging on the VLS site for half a semester, I intend on making it up this semester.  I haven’t done the math (because I hate math – ie. 33% of the reason […]

Fear itself

Eight weeks. There are eight weeks left until the end of academic semester,  eight weeks before the end of my career as a law student.  I am excited, and I am afraid.  As a third year I have had to face the beginning and the end of several phases of life, had to leave many […]

Spring are you almost here?

Vermont weather is tricky.  First there is tons of snow, then it warms up, and as soon as there is a glimmer of hope that spring might be here, we get another Northeaster, and the cycle repeats.  I have enjoyed the snowfights and snowshoeing and I do regret that I never took the chance to […]