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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Still 85

So it is still sunny and warm.  It has been getting up to 80-85 degrees over the last few days.  During my study breaks, I’ve been taking my dog, Rock, down to the river to swim.  I’ve found that this is a great way to relax and de-stress over the coming exams.  Tomorrow, I am […]

Reading Week

It’s almost done!  I have 22 days until I get on a plane to Alaska for my summer internship.  I think this point alone is what is keeping my spirits up right now as I study for finals.  It is getting tough sitting inside all day since Friday studying when it has been gorgeous outside […]

One Week Left

I can’t believe that I have just one week of classes left (and then two weeks of finals) until my first year of law school is finished.  It flew by.  Although I will be here taking classes in the summer, it is rewarding to know that I survived my first official year of law school. […]

i’m trying

I’m trying to paint on a Saturday. I’m trying to motivate myself to outline. I’m trying to get through the end of the semester. I’m trying to enjoy the warmer/nicer weather. Wait…I’m trying to paint???? Yes, I am trying to paint a picture for my boyfriend’s birthday.  Am I artist?  No.  Do I have an […]

VT Supreme Court at VLS

Last week the Vermont Supreme Court held session in VLS’ very own Oakes courtroom. One of the advantages of studying law at VLS is that there are no other law schools in the state, so we have a close relationship with the courts and legislature. It was exciting to see a real oral argument firsthand. […]

Preparing for the Future

Next Monday is visiting day for the admitted students, and I can’t believe it has been a year since I was in their shoes.  Every day I am reminded that I have almost made it through a year of law school.  Currently, I am trying to plan out my schedule for next year.  I have […]


Year three, semester six, forty six days and counting… I had intended to write about the job search, travel, interviews and the differences between finding a summer position, and a career position. I will in some other posting. Today has its own energy and it will not to be denied. This semester has been a […]