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Finals are over!  I took about a week to relax, move my stuff into a new apartment, and explore VT.  When exploring VT, I went fishing on the White River and saw my friend catch 4 big smallmouth bass, went hiking up Kent’s Ledge twice, went hiking at my new apartment for next year, went to Ben & Jerry’s and the Red Basil in Waterbury and Stowe, and went to Burlington for the day.  Everything was great and I would recommend taking the time when you are in Vermont to get out and see what Vermont has to offer.  After some relaxing, I headed back to my home in Fraser, MI yesterday.  It was a 13 hour trip (usually 16 in the winter).  I am now home, but leaving on Tuesday for Alaska.  It is relaxing, but also crazy at home since I haven’t been home in awhile.  There is a lot to do and a lot of people to see before I leave again.  I am also a little nervous about traveling by myself to a whole new place with no one there that I personally know to help get me settled in.  I am sure that everything will go smoothly.


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