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Staying Busy

The weather in Vermont has been mostly beautiful, however we have had some extra rainy days.  I have not had the chance to enjoy the sunshine as much as I wanted because summer session is keeping me extra busy.  Today is Friday, and Monday I have a final due, a research memo due, and my first reading for my Term Two class.  I will get through it though, because I know in two weeks I have a week off to enjoy the sunshine.

Most of my summer session finals are open book, and I have a weekend to do them.  Although that takes away the weekend, it is also a nice change from the 3 hour pressure session I experienced for finals during the fall and spring.  I enjoyed my first class, Environmental Law, and am looking forward to my second summer class, Indian Country Law and the Environment.  My Friday class is Environmental Dispute Resolution.  I took it to push myself out of my comfort zone.  I enjoy it because it is a departure from lecture format and it will force me to vocalize when I tend to stay quiet during class.  I am looking forward to what the rest of summer session brings, but especially looking forward to that week of vacation!


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