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I always mean to be a diligent blogger, and I usually fail.  This spring I had an excuse: a nasty wrist injury that made typing difficult and painful.

My writing professor was kind enough to let me have a bit more time on one assignment when I needed it.  That was nice.  But just in case, I told myself that if Stephen Hawking can communicate by selecting letters one at a time as they appear on his screen, then surely I can do hunt-and-peck with my left hand.  Would’ve been maddening, though.  I mean more so.  As it was, things were difficult enough.  You don’t always realize how dependent you are on your dominant hand — or just on having two hands — until you have to go without.  I wouldn’t’ve thought it’d be so hard to brush my teeth with my left hand!  And forget about taking notes in class….

So it was a rough semester, but I survived somehow (I think).  Now I am about to begin a summer class.  Maybe I’ll be good about blogging and will post an update on that after it starts.  (Yes… believe it when it happens!)

I’ve been trying to enjoy my last days off before the craziness of school begins again for me tomorrow.  Yesterday I slept late, awoke to the sound of thunder (loved that!), went over to my friends’ place for brownies and games (and The Simpsons, and a little bit of watching fireworks from the deck), and got home sometime after midnight.

It was such a nice night I didn’t want to go inside, and I stepped to the back of my driveway, which overlooks a branch of the White River, to spend a moment savoring the sound of the rushing water and the blinking glow of a firefly.  I couldn’t see the moon but there were a few stars visible through a break in the clouds.  I wandered down to the river in the darkness and thought how much beauty there is in this world even in the midst of all the pain and ugliness.  I’m glad to be in Vermont.


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