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Professionalism Points

So I know all the new 1Ls are starting to think about coming to VLS and wondering what you should bring.  Well, one major suggestion I have is to bring at least one suit with you or to invest in buying one.  Also be sure to bring everything that goes with it (shoes, jewelry,  dress shirt).  The suit will be used even in your 1L year.  Also it helps to have good pair of dress pants and dress shirt for business casual events throughout the semester.  Why do you need professional clothes?  Many students will be invited to speak in front of class their first year where a judge or attorney may be present.  If you are standing in front of them in a sweater and khakis presenting an oral argument, you are probably going to receive comments from the guests, your professor and other students.  So be sure to dress appropriately for these occasions along with visiting the Dean’s house, attending student group dinners, summer internship interviews, and giving your spring semester legal writing oral arguments.  I know some people don’t like dressing up since their “smarts” and “personality” will make up for it, but we are all going to be professionals and should start acting like it when you start law school.  It’s a learning experience even learning how to look professional so start it early instead of when you are graduating.  So go out with a friend and make sure you have at least a few professional pieces to start your career of right.


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