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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Week One – Complete!

Well, I am not completely overwhelmed with course work yet! I have now completed my first full week of law school, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time in class. Some of the material that I read for homework was puzzling, specifically the infamous Neff case that still has most 1L students […]

When I leave school at the end of the day, my brain stays behind.

I can’t believe I’m in law school.  I think I’ve said that about 500 times this week, but I can’t help it.  I have exited the real world and entered an alternate universe.  I just wrote a really long post that I thought was interesting and remotely funny (even though I’m not a funny person).  […]

The staging area

Post bar-August is a month of reclamation.   Thankfully, my sleep patterns have broken down into stretches and excess. Life is larger. The hours left to me are an unusual acquaintance in the absence of drills and testing.  It is a time of adjustment, opposite in every way to the period that preceded it.  This […]

Step One – Orientation

Orientation week has come and gone. That being said, the week has been quite an informative experience. The days have been overwhelmingly long and the weather has been sticky and hot. But my mind has been eased after listening to all of the informative presentations given and I am now looking forward to next week. […]

learning to tread water on land

Ok, so I finally got a computer, I am getting internet at my apartment, by week two I will be in full swing as far as getting settled in is concerned. There goes my excuse! The burning need to organize my life continues.  Writing down things as they come to mind on random sheets of […]

Blueberries for Sal*

The last two summers I’ve enjoyed helping myself to VLS’s blueberries, which grow on the lawn behind Yates.  I’ve scoffed at the idea of paying up to $6/pint for blueberries at the market when I could pick my own and know that they are ripe and perfect and not coated in poison.  (I’m guessing VLS […]

First Week-Second Year

I can’t believe the changes a year brings, and I want to reassure the first year students that before they know it, they will be in my shoes, starting their second year with much more confidence than they feel now.  I was able to choose the classes I wanted to take and I have friends […]

Diving In

The first week of classes has left me with an amalgam of feelings. Those of wonder, humility, respect, happiness and worry. All in all not a bad week. I managed to stay afloat with my reading and find a couple of great scenic trails. My schedule, like the rest of the 1Ls, is packed with […]

Getting it together

Sunday, August 16th.  I woke up in DC, after a week of band coaching at GR!DC, said goodbye to my friend at the airport, and got on the last of what had been a summer of plane, train, and automobile rides.  Before DC, I was WWOOFing in Italy for two and a half months, staying in […]

First Days in Office

It is almost the end of my third day, and I’m still alive, though tired. I stayed up late last night working on the very hard and old-time case of Pennoyer v. Neff. It was so confusing! I had no idea what was going on, but lucky for me, a friend from another section found […]