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Appreciating our Environment

As I ran through the woods near my house in Tunbridge, a town right up the road from VLS, I was struck with the beauty of Vermont, and the wonderful sounds of nature right at my doorstep. As a “city-slicker” it is amazing for me to be able to go on a hike in the mountains starting at my own porch.

Vermont Law is situated in the perfect atmosphere to study Environmental Law. We’re surrounded by the beauty of nature, and we get to enjoy all that it has to offer when we are outside of class. In the summer things like tubing, hiking, cliff jumping (that’s right, it’s awesome), and rock climbing are great activities. In the winter, of course, we will have some of the best skiing conditions in the Northeast. And when we aren’t able to get outside due to our pesky classes, there are big windows overlooking amazing scenery in South Royalton!

It is beautiful here, and wonderful to be surrounded by the beautiful environment that many of us came here to protect through our studies of Environmental Law.


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