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Getting it together

Sunday, August 16th. 

I woke up in DC, after a week of band coaching at GR!DC, said goodbye to my friend at the airport, and got on the last of what had been a summer of plane, train, and automobile rides.  Before DC, I was WWOOFing in Italy for two and a half months, staying in Berlin for the rest of the time.  It was a fabulous, beautiful, indulgent summer, one who’s sudden death of an end I was bracing myself for as I headed towards my final destination.

I get to Burlington, and Airtran loses my rucksack, the same rucksack that survived Europe, but disappears due to a one hour domestic flight.  My friend, one of three people I know in Vermont, picked me up and we celebrated my first few moments as a Vermont resident by jamming out to KD Lang on her tape deck on the drive to So Ro: with a blow-up whale, kayak paddle, helmet, and snow skis among other pieces of outdoor rec equipment in the back of her car.  Fabulous VT living, alright!

I had no working phone, no internet, no po box, no functioning computer and a room full of boxes needing unpacking when I met up with my parents at my apartment.  They had to leave to get back to work, and standing alone in my crazed apartment, I felt a stirring sense of deja vu.

Here I am again: in the woods, knowing no one, and about to learn a new language.

I would not consider myself a shy person, but I was the first day of orientation.  It was overwhelming to have discussions about networking and landing our future dream jobs and internships, when I was more preoccupied with how I would be able to call the places I need to in order to have a functioning living space.  But as I caught up to 21st century technology, these little details have come together, and I am starting to feel grounded.  The more and more my apartment started to look like a grown-up  inhabitence and less like a child’s cardboard box dream playground, my confidence grew.  I met my neighbors, made friends, had laughs with the locals.  Things do come together with time.

So, I still dont have a computer or internet, and there are plenty of little details still running through my mind before I start classes Monday (note to self: do first week reading), but I am feeling pretty darn good and happy about moving here, keeping on with this adventure.

Best of luck this semester, y’all-

Dana May


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