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First Week-Second Year

I can’t believe the changes a year brings, and I want to reassure the first year students that before they know it, they will be in my shoes, starting their second year with much more confidence than they feel now.  I was able to choose the classes I wanted to take and I have friends in each class.  This semester I am taking Legislation, Legal Profession, Appellate Advocacy, Natural Resources, and Water Resources.  I thought an even split between regular law courses and environmental law courses would be good (although I would be perfectly happy only taking environmental courses).

Before the fall semester began, I started looking for summer internships.  Since I knew I would be taking classes all summer, I didn’t have to participate in the job search last year.  So, it is a completely new experience for me.  When I started searching for summer internships, I was really happy to see that there are some interesting internships out there.  I plan on staying in Vermont for the summer, but even in this small state and so early in the process, there are already quite a few internships available.  I am getting together an application for one already, with the much appreciated help of Career Services.

I am looking forward to what my second year brings.  If it brings as much learning and experiences as my first year, then it will be a good year!


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