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Week One – Complete!

Well, I am not completely overwhelmed with course work yet!

I have now completed my first full week of law school, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time in class. Some of the material that I read for homework was puzzling, specifically the infamous Neff case that still has most 1L students scratching their heads in confusion. However, I have really benefited and learned a lot from class discussions and debates. Terrified of the Socratic method of teaching, I am glad that most of the 1L classes are rather large because I have only been abruptly called on once. I tend to be very shy when discussing new and unfamiliar material, and so (for once) I am glad that I can blend in with my peers. When I am a little more comfortable with the material and vocabulary used in class discussions I am sure that I will participate more fully and assertively during class.

I am also working on a better way to organize my notes so that I can become more organized. Currently I have a folder, computer file, and note pad for every class. Although this is the system of organization that I used in college, it is now driving me crazy! In order to review my notes and case briefs from a class I have to look in my textbooks, on my note pad, and at my case brief – yikes! To solve this organizational crisis that I am having at the moment I have just purchased a new computer program that is supposed to help me converge all of these documents and sources into one file. I guess I will find out if it works soon . . . !


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