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A New Life… A New Way to Live

It’s still hard to believe that I live in South Royalton. Actually, it’s hard to believe I don’t live in Southern California. I started my journey to Vermont with a friend who I have known since we were wee tots. I ended the drive with a new key, a hard wood floor and a blanket. It wasn’t the most welcoming homecoming I have had, but I was home. Since then Vermont has treated me well, wished me and some new friends happy birthday, and seen me through Orientation Week at VLS.

The first week of classes is going… I was planning on saying well, but I think I’ll stick with just going. Monday was exciting, then long. Tuesday was exciting again, attending new classes, and not as long. On Wednesday the overwhelming realization that this is the beginning of a new life was starting to set in. Today, Thursday, has been exhausting. I keep thinking, “this is only the 4th day, if it’s bad today it’s only going to be worse in 3 weeks.” I’m not sure that is the best way to think about it. But truly, this is the beginning of a new life, it has started, and it will be this way for quite a while. School is long hours and lots of work. Working will be longer hours and more work with more to risk. The pressure’s on. But on the bright side, at least it’s not 89 degrees with 89% humidity anymore!


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