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…from the abdomen

Pushing from the center for a new identity. It’s an old idea with new implications.  I am at the end of my student life, in the less than ideal universe of  external forces and mounting pressure to suceed. I close my mouth to avoid letting out too much truth. I bite my lip and get on a plane to the next position and leap from the staging area into…my life.  For a moment I want to go back to the known universe, to smash my feet into the turf and hide out from a future where the existence I have been practicing for finally arrives.  I’ve choked before, and the big sky looks unforgiving but I have no choice but to look up from my abdomen and see the world beyond my navel.

Rubber meets the road at the end of your JD diploma.  Further schooling is an option but by no means a requirement, a terminal degree is terminal indeed. Write a memo, make a motion, build a case and bill–for real.  There are people on the end of those decisions, lives in the balance.  In between the tasks are issues of life, once a friend, always a teacher.



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