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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Brewing will save your life.

They offered two drinks at the Students for Reproductive Justice event tonight.  That was just enough to put me in the mood to not do my reading for tomorrow.  I called it a night early, left chase, and went back to my apartment, which is now broken in, to a chaotic degree. If you didn’t […]

Note to Self: When an exam is open book remember to bring your book

Today I took my first law school exam. It was for civil procedure, my most challenging class. I spent all weekend long preparing and working on my outline. For whatever reason I had it in my head that we could not use our book for the exam. To my surprise I showed up to class […]

Post-mid-term for the postmodern

Today my section had a Constitutional Law mid-term exam.  It won’t even count towards our final grade but people have been on edge about it for a week.  Some people were eve freaking out about the practice test for the ungraded mid-term.  needless to say, stress abounds.  In the meantime the days are getting shorter […]


It takes a lifetime to make an impact. The duration, in hours and seconds says nothing of the time that goes into making use of ideas, skills and talent. This kind of work isn’t left up to the living. We exist as shiny vessels, waiting to be filled with meaning and experience. Lawyers have access […]

Briefs and Arguments

The first semester of the 2L year is dominated by Appellate Advocacy.  The work for Appellate is very time-consuming during September and October.  I handed in my Appellate brief a little over a week ago, and I have my conference to discuss it tomorrow afternoon.  I really enjoy getting the chance to sit down with […]

Civil Procedure midterm is tuesday.  I am nervous, but that is expected.  I have heard how hard she is.  She does not give many As, and I would like to get an A.  But, if I don’t, I will just have to accept that.  I will just focus on doing my best.  That’s all I […]


I finally lit a roaring fire in our wood stove! Now if only I didn’t have to use eight pieces of fatwood to get it started . . . The past few days have been chilly, and so I have come to enjoy parking myself in front of the fire with a cup of coffee […]

Tips for 1Ls

I finally feel that I can give advice to incoming law students. My advice: 1) Invest in Cereal Bars and dried fruit-when you have classes straight through the day, you will need great and quick sustenance, and thankfully, breakfast bars have a  variety of flavors to keep you from getting bored. They’re also great for […]

After a Break

Last week was a breeze.  I only had one effective day of classes.  Monday and Tuesday were part of reading break.  I had full classes on Wednesday and then most classes were canceled on Thursday and Friday.  Instead of using the break to catch up on rest and start outlining and reviewing as I am […]


So much to do and so little time 😦 I just looked at my schedule for the next few weeks . . . YIKES! I haven’t started outlining, I am behind in Con Law, and now I have to worry about writing our first open memo. Plus, my dog has to have surgery this Thursday […]