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learning to run

No matter who you ask for advice on how to survive law school, they all say: exercise.

I have never been the exercising type.  I think its a commitment thing, that and not liking physical pain, especially when it has to do with my under-utilized lungs and heart.  Ho hum.

I have especially never been the running type.  Huffing and puffing on the street, cars sizing up your performance as they pass by, eh.  Not into it.

But at a meeting last week, a stirring came on within me.  All this nervous energy that has no outlet in outlining or memo writing, in taking notes in class.  Of course.

So I sprinted around South Royalton.  Not making it very far, but feeling a hell of a lot better afterwards.

Dancing has the same effect.

Ah, if only I could find a way to channel my inner Morrissey towards executing the IRAC formula with stunning perfection.


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