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Vermont Autumn

It is truly breathtaking here!  In the fall, the foliage turns into vibrant oranges, reds, yellows, purples.   These colors just make you want to take a walk or a country drive to admire it.  However, we’re still law students so we can’t do this every moment we want too.  Although VLS buildings are setup perfectly for you to listen and watch the professors while looking out the windows at the blue skies and fall foliage.  Be careful if you do this!  Professors are great at determining when you are looking outside rather than them and will catch you off guard by asking you to brief a case and you either have to pass or stumble through your notes to get back on track to answer their questions.  Even though I will look out the windows, I haven’t gotten caught off-guard.  Whew!  I instead admire all the foliage by walking my dog everyday along our country road and in our backyard.  I think this helps keep me more focused in class.  Enjoy the Fall!  Winter is on its way…


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