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Zip Cars

Just this year, VLS has invested in Zip Cars for anyone in the VLS Community to use.  I was involved in helping them get here so students without cars or if their car breaks down, would have an alternative.  Zip cars can also be used for many other purposes as well.  However, yesterday was my first time using one.  It was fantastic!  I have an older car with a lot of miles on it so I wanted to take the Zip Car to drop off a friend at the airport instead of using my own.  To take the car for 4.5 hours costs about $40.  This cost isn’t too bad when you consider the cost of gas, maintenance and miles being added to your car.  Plus this cost was worth driving in a brand new car with only 700 miles on it!  It still smelled brand new. today, I’m taking the prius for a spin to drop another student off.  I think these were a great choice for VLS to invest in, and I hope that more students will use them and see how valuable they can be.


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