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Fall Break

It has been quite some time since my last post. I am going to chalk it up to responsibilities outside the realm of VLS. The life-school balance people talk about often does not have room for weekly blogging, sadly. However I do have the time now to reflect and opine. These past few weeks have been a really interesting challenge intellectually, which by the way, I LOVE.    I love new fact-patterns and arguments, and constitutional issues. I am a huge nerd in that respect and its something I completely embrace about myself. Whether or not I can apply this knowledge successfully enough to pass remains to be seen. But I operate on the assumption that if I put the work in to be a good lawyer now, I’ll more likely than not make it to the point where  I get to practice or apply what I have learned in the real world.

However, life is not all about the books, so fall break could not have come at more opportune time. This is mostly because I got  sick over the weekend so had to spend a couple days in bed. I am going to look on the bright side, though I lost either two days of work or two days of play I certainly got two days of sleep. And, I still had two days of sick-free time to lounge, catch-up, read, and bake (Yes! I finally got to use the wonderful kitchen in my apartment for something more than one-pot meals and macaroni!). Now as I am a huge dork I of course did not use the time to go on a two-day ski trip, mostly because I am still rather sniffly, but I did take the time to catch up with some old friends and family which is hugely important to me. Moreover, I did some research of high importance, very sophisticated…a personal experiment as to my tolerance for the T.V. show Psych and large quantities of cocoa. My hypothesis is indeed correct, though my love of cocoa and comedy T.V. is great, it has  a very-well defined limit of somewhere between 4 and 5 large mugs of extra frothy.


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