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Back to reality….

I arrived back in Vermont a few short hours ago from my Fall break at home in Central New York. Five hours alone in a car definitely gives a person some time to think. I reflected upon my reason for leaving home just two months ago. I spent the past year after undergrad at home and couldn’t wait to leave my sheltered life in Syracuse, NY. I was bored at home and felt as if there was nothing there for me. I realize now that even though I pined to get out, Syracuse will always be my home. My family and best friends are there and I can never take that away. Home is a place that I can always be myself and know my place. It was nice to take a break from the VLS community and go back to my comfort zone. I miss all of my loved ones and my big comfy bed but I know that I belong here at VLS. What is comfortable is not what is right. I am gradually warming up to my Vermont life and learning to be myself here. Change is not something that comes easily for me but I enjoy the challenge. I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished thus far and I look forward to expanding my horizons over the next three years. Five hours alone on the open road is terribly insightful…


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