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After a Break

Last week was a breeze.  I only had one effective day of classes.  Monday and Tuesday were part of reading break.  I had full classes on Wednesday and then most classes were canceled on Thursday and Friday.  Instead of using the break to catch up on rest and start outlining and reviewing as I am sure some of my colleagues did, I was still going full speed in pursuit of other ventures.  I traveled to Montreal with my wonderful girlfriend who came to visit for the first time since the year began.  We stayed in a nice hostel right downtown.  It is a truly beautiful city.   The drive, due to traffic, was significantly longer than the three hours predicted, but then again it felt like we had driven straight acrossw the Atlantic.  It was great to explore the streets of Vieux Montreal and Chinatown, the latin quarter, and the slopes of Mount Royal.  The city was even still a bit more green than the hills around Royalton.  On Monday night a Minnesota bluegrass band made a stop in Winooski, at the Monkey House.  It was a great show and a number of VLSers made it up to see it.  Then I had to get back in class mode for my one full day.

On Thursday morning, around 4 am me and two other students left South Royalton for the Boston airport.  We were headed to Seattle!  Thanks to the generous Deans we had been granted the money to fly to and stay in Seattle for a national conference!  It was an awesome experience.  We met some amazing and inspiring people and attended various workshops, panels, speeches, dances, and banquets.  Also I got to explore Seattle a bit.  I probably walked 8-10 miles per day around the city.  Even in the rain it was great!  We met many people who got excited to see VLS students and others who were graduates.  A few wanted to come and talk at VLS or have us collabroate with them on an issue ie, James Marc Leas is a S. Burlington Lawyer with quite a reputation and was very eager to have VLS students join him in efforts to discontinue the use of the nuclear Vermont Yankee facility.

It was all around cool.  I saw a show at the famous Paramount Theater dowtown Seattle (Sunny Day Real Estate), I ate fish on the waterfront, I drank coffee at Stumptown near Seattle U and I even got to a couple well respected Seattle bars.  It was a blast.

Now after exploring two major metropoli and having a lot of time without my nose buried in 5 lb law books it was been a little difficult to return.  Not to mention, the first Monday back was my birthday.

I really appreciated the time to get out and away and though the school-work load is still daunting it seems less permanent.  Also, I discovered a number of new sources of inspiration participating in the national conference in Seattle.  Hopefully this weekend I will be able to be more of a shut in, since I kind of have to, and complete some review and outlining work.  For now, I am just keeping up with the readings for the week.


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