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Tips for 1Ls

I finally feel that I can give advice to incoming law students. My advice:

1) Invest in Cereal Bars and dried fruit-when you have classes straight through the day, you will need great and quick sustenance, and thankfully, breakfast bars have a  variety of flavors to keep you from getting bored. They’re also great for when you forget breakfast, or forget dinner while you’re pounding the books in the library.

2) Don’t get annoyed with the “gunners.” People who have something to say in class often have good things to say in class and keep the professor’s attention from turning on you. They sometimes make the class as a whole look better.

3) Just keep trying. The Professor can’t think you’re a true idiot until after an exam.

4) Invest in supplements. You don’t have time to get sick with everything so time-crazy, but you will get sick if your body’s immune system fails because you are tired and not exercising. Get your Vitamin D, L-Lysine, and Calcium/Zinc supplements and take them!

4.5) Invest in those Emergen-C packets. Coffee is great for a quick boost, but once again, your immune system suffers when you’re tired. These things give you better energy and thus better focusing power than mere caffeine, and give you vitamins to keep the flu away.

5) Getting the grades is very important. However, being a human and having something in your life to make you feel like a real person is just as important. Try to get involved with one group on campus, or volunteer every few weeks. Don’t make any harsh commitments, but make sure you’re developing your personality and character while at law school.

6) Try to connect with a different person on something simple every week, especially if it is a person that you don’t think you like. Don’t waste energy on disliking someone.

More tips for 1Ls coming soon.


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