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It takes a lifetime to make an impact. The duration, in hours and seconds says nothing of the time that goes into making use of ideas, skills and talent. This kind of work isn’t left up to the living. We exist as shiny vessels, waiting to be filled with meaning and experience. Lawyers have access to power, but it takes vision to make use of it.

Today, I attended the home going celebration of a man I hoped would help to guide me on my journey as an integrated person, who happens to be an attorney. It is no small thing for me to bend to the will of any man. If you have followed my entries for the last three years than you will have intuited that I am headstrong— made and molded by the experiences that have led me to this day, and to these times. I am hewn and honed by incident of birth and are now the result of genetic positioning, intention, mentoring, and good will.

The Center on Race, Poverty, and Environment (CRPE) is a place where the heart takes precedence over the necessary evils of lawyering. Intention and purpose act as alternatives to risk aversion and value laden decision making in the selection of plaintiffs. The highest good, in word and deed, supersedes a more traditional rubric of cost-benefit analysis and judgment driven litigation.

Today, we celebrated the life of a man who left us with large shoes to fill. He lived, as many things to as many as would allow him to enter in, to touch and be touched by the simplest of human impulses. He left us, but fortunately he left us with a lifetime of ways to carry on the work. Life and lawyering, are distinct and indifferent energies, which if combined lead to a power that creates rather than destroys. Long live those who endeavor to join the two, long live those who choose life over survival.

Vive la revolución!


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