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Seasons are changing…

The last few weeks have brought beautiful changes in this area. As a Californian, I have never seen the leaves change colors. I took a trip to Boston a few weeks back for a Red Sox game, and the drive was amazing. The colors of the leaves are vibrant yellows, oranges, reds, and greens! The change seemed to happen so fast. From all the stories I had heard about the fall in the northeast I imagined this process to be gradual and last for a month or more. It felt like one day the trees were all dark green and leafy and the next they were insane bright colors and now, in a matter of weeks, the leaves are practically non-existent. Lately we have been having beautiful weather here. At “home” in CA I would be cold when the temperature dropped into the 40s and 50s. It’s interesting how a change of perspective can make a world of difference. The temperature dropped to the 40s and 30s a couple weeks back and recently has been back up to the 50s and 60s. The forecast is calling for a drop in temperature of upwards of 10 degrees. Already tonight it is back down to the 30s. Also expected this week is SNOW! I’ve been told that it will be getting colder, much colder, very soon. I am halfway excited to experience life in the snow, but I know that that novelty too will ware off in no time, just as the novelty of being in law school in a new place wore off in a couple months. On that note, I have been increasingly homesick for lovely So Cal. It just makes me that much more excited for Thanksgiving when I get a taste of home with the arrival of my mother dearest! I am also looking forward to visiting a good friend from home in Boston next weekend. That will be a much needed escape from the reality of law school in SoRo. With that I leave you until next time. It is time for my break to be over and my brain to turn back on so I can get some reading in before sleep!


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