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The Grind

The novelty of law school has officially worn off. Every day reality sinks further in that this is our life now and for the next few years. The first few weeks were full of the excitement of law school and developing a new life and relationships with new people. Now we are all in the harsh reality of what is to be a 1L. It is incessant. You finish your work for the next day, and there is still work to be done. You finish your memo assignment, but you could always make improvements. You outline your classes, but tomorrow you will have to make modifications. The work is never done. There are no breaks. Fall break didn’t even consist of a break. My point is that your work is never really done. Improvements, modifications, and further understanding can always be had. Now beginning our 11th week at VLS we are all well aware that you can’t do it all. To maintain your sanity you must remove yourself from being a 1L. You have to take time for yourself, for life, exercise and nourishment.
One day, in anticipation of the impending winter cold and snow, some fellow 1Ls and I found ourselves in need of shopping. None of us are from rural areas of the country and discovered that the closest “real” mall is an hour and a half away in Manchester, NH. The giddiness we experienced pulling into the mall parking lot was absolutely ridiculous when you consider our ages and the fact that we were at a MALL! Nonetheless, living in SoRo will do that to you. It is rare to find large populations of people anywhere in this vicinity. Even driving the hour+ to Burlington doesn’t provide the effect felt when arriving in a city. It was a good reminder that there is life outside of law school and we must live it in order to be successful and healthy law students.


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