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Still Here

I am frankly at a loss for words this week. My mind is far too full of law right now to fit anything else.  No, I am not up till all hours of the night, but I feel as though my brain has reached its limit, which is unfortunate  given I have two more weeks of classes left. Though, its funny how retrospectively time flies.

Luckily, Thanksgiving is around the corner. Though I am not sure it is going to be the relaxing weekend I initially hoped it would be, I am confident that I will make something of the gift of free time.

Now that its getting a bit chillier I am not outside as much and I miss it. I really need to get on buying some cross country skis because I think I may go nuts if I stay indoors all January and February. Given my lack of balance I may settle for an old-school sled and find myself a hill somewhere. For now, mid-day walks are keeping me going but given my distaste for sub-40 degree weather,  I  imagine that those will only last till finals are over.

I think I may be lacking my usual cheer because I am not home for a family member’s birthday. I usually make it home to celebrate due to its proximity to Thanksgiving and I am obviously, not there right now.  Thankfully, video-chat has come a long way.

Fingers crossed, at least class today will be interesting.




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