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It’s the last week of regular classes and everything is crazy.  It’s still raining in December.  Students are mumbling things to themselves while pacing the halls.  I am always between worry, fright, despair, and anxiety – if there is any real ‘between’ amongst those elements.  For some reason the professors have been putting more on us than any other week.  Rather than finish the few final readings and discussions and entertain some review, I have been writing essays, preparing oral arguments, and tackling some of the largest reading assignments of the year.  Beyond these assignments people are hastily filling out outlines for the classes and pouring over supplementary materials.  I recently bought Examples and Explanations for CivPro.  After thinking all semester that I wouldn’t need other materials, that I didn’t want to spend extra money, and that it couldn’t help that much being unconnected to class, I realize that I was totally wrong.  I find the E & E very helpful in distilling the doctrines of CivPro.

Though we are all losing our minds there is no wane in the support of other students.  This may be taken for granted by any readers not actually experiencing school here, but I think it is important.  Not only are we not combusting into pits of antagonistic competition, we all seem to be reaching out an extra hand to assauge each others tense mental states and bring some optimism into the rainy days.  Bolstered by random acts of kindness week, I have seen such behavior all around campus and at home with my roommates.  It is possibly the only thing I have to talk about positively right now, but at least it’s there.



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