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Growing Pains

Driving for 12 hours back to Vermont, I knew I was heading into the storm.  Not a snow storm, which has been eerily tardy in this Green Mountain region this season.  Rather, it was finals I was bracing myself for.  Things have been pretty non-stop since I have gotten back.  Stress surrounds.

But, hands down, I feel much more sane, much more myself, than I did in the beginning.

Law school is like puberty.  Everyone says it will suck, that you will have angst and awkwardness, great frustrations and doubts, cry unexpectedly, and deal with acne (well, maybe not that).  People can write books on it, film after-school specials, provide support groups…  But there is only so much you can do to prepare for this mandatory stage of law school life.  In the end, you are going to just have to live through this.

Although, I don’t think I was necessarily a graceful swan after they took my braces off and I got my HS diploma.  And I’m still stumbling along, getting my bearings to this whole law school gig.  There are no clear lines as to when the “bad” is over, only the reassurance time gives us to say, “well, thank god that’s behind me.”  What we face today and tomorrow seem much more manageable with that knowledge.

But the biggest hurdle in our immediate future has yet to come: final exams.  And here I am, taking this time to reflect, which just so happens to double as procrastination.  We may not feel the same acute agony of growing pains after awhile, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any less growing to do.

We just get a thicker skin, I guess.

Good luck, everyone.


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