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Halfway There

One more day of classes, three finals, and I will officially be at the halfway point of law school.  Yes, it has flown by, but I still have a lot to look forward to.  Since I spent last summer taking classes, next summer I have my first legal internship to look forward to.   Although I have some required courses left to take,  I have a wider variety of classes to choose from for my last year.  My spring schedule is already set-Evidence, Administrative Law, Family Law, State and Local Government, and CERCLA Law & Policy.  Also, I am looking forward to beginning my Advanced Writing Requirement.  Although I may regret writing that in a few months, and people may laugh that I am looking forward to more legal writing, I actually am anticipating it.  I get to choose my own topic, which is freedom in writing I haven’t had since probably high school; and I enjoy researching.  So, my winter break will be spent researching, celebrating the holidays, and catching up with family and friends.  Just two classes and three finals to go…


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