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Vision:En route

Some months have passed since degrees were conferred on the class of 2009, and the world is deceptively bleak for graduating classes, baby lawyers and disconnected academics. Today, the dollar is shaky at best and our confidence is as entangled and owing as can be expected when the absolutes have changed and the goldmine of education feels more like a pothole than a promise.  It  is a challenge to cobble together enough inspiration to have a good disposition.  The weather vanes are rapidly turning with money makers making money forecasting the future. Our ears are perked, awaiting a sign that things will return to normal or at least normal as defined by an increase in lucrative careers for the learned and a taste of the excess that defines higher education and the pipeline to success, whatever that means.

I am not capable of adding any wisdom to the chaos or of spilling out numbers that add up to a better outlook for my friends like family who fought three years of inertia to make it to this present. I have no secret formula for coping with a systematic breach in the  social contract. You read, you worked and now you wait for the pickup that will deliver the promise. I’m no Claire Huxtable (read law degree and bouncy locks with 4.5 kids and a sweetheart marriage), the world is no husband in times like these and we are all widows to the dream.

I can offer no solace but you had better believe that I’m smiling, because my heart says that all is well,  you just can’t see it yet.  The challenge of this time is that the easy routes were razed and the raw earth exposed. The beauty in such ugly times is that we are prepared to make the most of this. We have knowledge of how it all works and are now gaining on the energy that will make us. We are hungry because the fat of the land is leaner than we imagined and are poised to make something new of what we have been given. Law graduates can no longer take the money and run away from the ideals that sent us down this path. There is no money, so every choice is one more in the direction of our hopes, precisely because that hope is all we have. We feel like underdogs, but this feeling is without a compass because the trajectories are undone. We are undone and now we can re-make ourselves, my hope is that we will be re-made  into a profession of integrated humans whose principles are sharp enough to give grip when the keys and the chaos make it to our hands.

I will leave you until the next blog post with a few words I wrote to a friend about graduation and its discontents:

You should keep going because your heart is still beating. This year has been a breathtaking episode of changes, growth and constant testing but the only option you have is to keep showing up everyday because your heart is pumping blood through your veins which allows your brain to get the oxygen it needs to send you back out in the world again. If your body can support you, than you have no right to give up. Every day that you open your eyes you are challenged to make the most of what you have until you have nothing left to give. In these small things you are blessed beyond measure and above many others who cannot will their body out of bed and into the world to get things done.  You owe it to everyone who loves you and to everyone who cannot do what you do to keep doing this thing, life, until you are done!

We are in this together.



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