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New semester

Sitting in the library, trying to make the most of the big break I have between my 8:30 am property class and my 5:25 pm environmental law class.  I am reminded that law school is a marathon, and while we were sprinting during finals, it is important to keep a healthy jog throughout the semester.

Oh, but how those old habits come creeping in! Gchat, “studying” in Chase, and reading many articles online.

Like this one on another man who is pregnant in California.  I am sadden by the overwhelming amount of hateful comments that refuse to understand trans people.  I wish their family happiness and safety!

It may keep me from sprinting, but I think its important to pursue all your interests in law school.  I may be majoring in environmental law, but I love following issues relating to gender studies and feminism.  Law school doesn’t have to be your everything.  You can still rock law school and have a life.

Heres to a new decade!


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