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The big drain

Colds, who needs them?

They have an uncanny ability to knock all the life out of you.  They also get you drinking a lot of tea.  My favorite thing these last few days has been tea, with a lemon slice, ginger, and honey.

One needs to sleep well, but I also need to be up for my 8:30s and have a paper written up by Monday.  So are the struggles of a sick 1L.

I scored some new snowshoes on craigslist for $60.  I want to go out and use them, but this winter has been strange, hardly any snow at all.  I know a lot of people are turned off to come here because of the winter and the rural location.  To that, I respond:

a) you are in doors most of the time studying, anyway.  And you don’t have lake effect here.

b) you are too busy studying to enjoy urban culture.  And Burlington is not a terrible jaunt away.

Besides, you spend less money this way.  Pretty soon, you will grow tired of spending your borrowed money at Crossroads, and you will pick up a wholesome hobby, like baking pies or brewing beer, and all will be well.

How are you getting by this winter?


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