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4 Weeks in Wellington

It’s been 4 weeks since I started my SiP!  Time flies.  I only have 12 weeks left of my internship and then 8 days to travel afterwards – 92 days.  I’ve been really enjoying the Semester in Practice.  The people I work with are helpful, knowledgeable, and give feedback on the projects that I work on.  In addition, I am really into all the projects that I’ve been given.  It’s really helped me to improve my legal writing, researching, analyzing and summarizing all the information into concise work products. 

Yesterday, I gave a presentation to the legal team that I’ve worked with about my education, work experiences, where I’ve been, and then provided information about the overall US Fisheries legislative framework (i.e. Magnuson-Stevens Act).  It was at the end of the day on Friday so it was pretty informal, but everyone seemed to ask questions.  I think I did a pretty good job.  Also the SiP office sent me some information on VLS along with some maple candies so I passed around the brochures and gave everyone a little candy. 

Since it’s the weekend, I should probably be off to some other part of New Zealand or out and about exploring the city, but it is SO WINDY!  I guess that’s why its “Windy Welly.”  I think the wind just blows right through my house because I woke up to what felt like my house literally moving.  It was kind of scary.  There are gusts up to 45-60 mph.  I think I’ll probably work on job applications and my AWR today and maybe try getting to a museum later in the day.


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