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We are four weeks into the second semester.  In many ways it was more difficult to get the gears going this time around than it was in the fall.  Of course, when the school year began we had come from an intense weeklong orientation and were all aquiver with anxious suspense.  That suspense is drawn out all the way through finals, since there is minimal indication of how well you’re getting along in the class beyond the final tests.  Break is long exhale after all the breathe-holding of exams and it has not been easy to get back up and going.  Even the weather has seemed reluctant to remain winter.  January thaw was extensive and the warmth has lingered.  Many of the hillsides in the White River Valley have already revealed the matted and bent brown rods of grass.  That messy, muddy part of early spring seems at the door, but the season, like myself, must get back into the swing of things – back to work.  But right now it’s 31 degrees outside, that’s 21 more than Minneapolis, my hometown.  It’s bright and sunny and the brook in my backyard is babbling.  In the not-quite-contrary spirit of Melville’s Bartleby, I prefer to go outside.


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