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Good Luck

What a crazy two weeks I’ve had.  I’ve submitted a total of 5 applications for various internship positions and I have had 3 interviews.  I already blogged about my interview with the Vermont Attorney General Environmental Protection Unit.   Since then, I’ve also interviewed with the Upper Valley Land Trust and Toxics Action Center.  Each interview is a completely different experience.  I always leave the interviews wishing I had said things differently, but overall I think that they went well and I was able to represent myself well during each interview.

My classmates have been very helpful in the interview process.  Each interview I’ve had multiple people wish me good luck and ask how it went.  Having that support is very helpful.  Sometimes a smile and “good luck” are enough to drive the nerves away and help restore my confidence.  Being in an atmosphere where people want you to succeed rather than fail can help maintain a positive attitude.  And, a positive attitude is a necessity to get through law school.


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