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Monthly Archives: March 2010

more thoughts on getting involved…

Balance is key.  I turned down being on the ELS exec board, and resisted the temptation to throw my hat in to write regularly for the Forum.  Always prioritize and ask yourself why you want to commit to something.  Maybe I did take my original goal to heart: join clubs and causes, but only if […]

hands in many honey pots and cookie jars.

Before starting law school, I traveled Europe, where I had a lot of downtime while WWOOFing.  I took it as a time to reflect on my undergraduate experience, my year of working, and what I want to make out of my graduate school experience. I loved undergrad.  I enjoyed what I studied, I tried new […]

work hard, play hard.

I have been hanging out at school for 10-12 hours a day.  But I have RuPaul’s Drag Race to look forward to on Tuesdays. Little things, folks, little things. And on Thursday, I am going to Brattleboro with my brewing ladies to drink microbrew and throw darts. Before I spend the weekend writing a paper […]

Wow, for as stressed as I am, this weekend gave me that glimpse for why I’m putting myself through “The Ordeal” of law school. VLS is one of only two schools that has taken a stand against discrimination in the government’s military practices. I went to to D.C. to lobby for the repeal of “Don’t […]

National Hui

In one day, I will be attending the Ministry of Fisheries National Hui.  A hui is a meeting at a marae or local meeting place of the Maori.  I am really excited because I will be getting to experience more of the Maori culture, learn about fisheries issues and their viewpoints, plus I don’t really […]

March-Out Like A Lamb?

We have had the most gorgeous weather this week at the law school!  Those from this area know that in March you can expect at least one major snowstorm.  However, this year we have been fortunate enough to have a few really nice weeks.   Although the ground is still soggy from the snow melt, I […]


Lawyers and law school students have a tendency to want to be in control. I can’t say that I am any different, but I think I’ve been controlling too many “other” areas of school life, and not gaining the control advantage over my very important studies. This is to say, I am WAY to involved […]

Legal Awards

So our office has “Legal Awards” – what a cool thought huh?  I guess it was implemented to encourage a team-like atmosphere and to encourage people to learn more about each other through work and their personal lives.  I find that the people I’m working with are really friendly, outgoing, and team-minded.  I really enjoy everyday […]

Spring Break

Fact: I need a vacation from my vacation. Though I managed to do a decent amount of sleeping and sitting around as soon as I went home there was a whirlwind of visits, interviews, and errands. It seems weeks don’t last as long as they used to. After a bumpy but otherwise uneventful flight (that […]

Loss of words

Every kind of event has prevented me from writing, none more significant than an overwhelming loss of words.   It is a non event rippling through to the surface.  Not quite like nerves, the discord was apparent to my heart and finally, my head.  Rolling hills are made of peaks and valleys and each blade […]