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Half Way Done

I just realized that I only have 41 SiP working days left and really only 39 since 2 days are holidays for Easter weekend.  Time flies on SiP!  I really am enjoying my time working in an office setting and getting to learn about so many different areas of law from those that I work with.  I am getting to learn more about the foundation of law in New Zealand including the Treaty of Waitangi which influences the Maori treaty settlements around New Zealand.  I find this fascinating since these settlements affect all areas of law that I have been working with so it is a new layer of law. 

For the first 5 weeks I was here I stayed around Wellington City and exploring what was in the city and the culture of their city life.  But two weekends ago, I travelled outside the city limits on the weekend to see the rest of New Zealand.  I am really glad that I did this because I ended up meeting some great Kiwis who showed me around the sites and helped me to really start experiencing and learning what it means to be a Kiwi.  So I promised to myself that besides getting the great legal experience of working on my SiP that I need to travel on the weekends to ensure that I really see and experience New Zealand.  I think my travels have also started to help me to understand many terms, why certain stakeholders may have certain viewpoints, and to know where the various locations are that are always interjected into the items I read on a daily basis at work. 

Overall, I am really glad that I decided to do an SiP and even more grateful that my placement in New Zealand has been so educational and rewarding on a professional and personal level.


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