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NZ Legal Writing

So lately I’ve been reviewing quite a few court decisions with my SiP.  This has been interesting since I can compare the legal writing styles to determine the differences.  I have noticed that New Zealand judges write more in the first person than many US judges.  So they use “I” often.  I mean this is alright, but most US cases seem to never have “I” within them and instead use “the majority” or “the Court.”  I think this difference exists because many cases are only heard by one judge and not a panel of judges as in the US, which is also quite interesting.  Where are the checks and balances even within the court?  I guess what the judges says goes in New Zealand unless Parliament changes the legislation after a decision is made to alter what the judge has decided.  I think this is the most prominent difference between case law that I’ve come across.  Let me know if you have any questions about SiP or New Zealand.  Have a great Spring Break!


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