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Legal Awards

So our office has “Legal Awards” – what a cool thought huh?  I guess it was implemented to encourage a team-like atmosphere and to encourage people to learn more about each other through work and their personal lives.  I find that the people I’m working with are really friendly, outgoing, and team-minded.  I really enjoy everyday at work and hope that I am able to continue working in this type of atmosphere.  Everyday doesn’t seem to drone on when you have people greeting you, asking about your weekend or after-work plans, and saying goodbye as they go home.  People will even ask you for morning or afternoon tea or to sit and have lunch.  Well, last week an email came out asking for nominations for each of the legal awards.  The awards were: “Ambulance at the bottom of the cliff,” “Friendly (Dolphin),” “Dead as a Dodo,” “Pirate,” and “Fish.”  I provided my nominations and then ballot were handed out later in the week for everyone to vote and then place in the ballot box.  The awards were given today and I was awarded the “Dolphin” award for being so friendly – how cool is that!  I guess I’ve been traveling on my weekends, trying to learn about NZ and the culture, and learning about everyone in the office.  So hopefully I will be able to keep up my performance to get an award next month before my SiP ends.  I really this is a fun, exciting way to give people an incentive to do more at work than work in your cubicle, but to learn about others, what they’re working on and how you can work together to accomplish the same goals.

In this respect, the Ministry here has a vision called “Fisheries 2030.”  I learned about it over a 3 day orientation program, but read it even more carefully over my weekend bus ride.  I realized that everything that I’ve encountered on a daily basis or hear people doing all relates to this vision and the objectives within this plan.  I am very impressed to see how this Ministry has aligned and organized itself.  I believe that giving people a goal to work towards with a team atmosphere will create efficiency and effectiveness that the New Zealand government is trying to achieve. 

I’m just really glad to have this experience to learn and implement it in my future career.


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