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March-Out Like A Lamb?

We have had the most gorgeous weather this week at the law school!  Those from this area know that in March you can expect at least one major snowstorm.  However, this year we have been fortunate enough to have a few really nice weeks.   Although the ground is still soggy from the snow melt, I tried to go for a walk outside everyday this week.  Once my husband gets his schedule sorted out, we plan on doing some hiking at some of the many options we have around here.

VLS is unique in that when the weather is nice, professors will move class outside.  The last time I had class outside was in high school.  But there is nothing better than class outside in nice weather.  The campus has gorgeous surroundings, between the White River and the Green Mountains.  There are multiple Adirondack-style chairs and picnic tables dotted around the campus so you can study outside.  The only downside of studying outside is the possibility of being distracted by the beautiful surroundings.


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